Laers pronounced “layers” is the clothing line that celebrates rich diversity. Laers means Love All Equally Respect Self. This promotes and encourages dialogue among people from distinct backgrounds to listen and learn from one another. Laers represents the unifying potential in all of us.

Laers is casual and comfortable sportswear of high quality that conscientiously promotes a meaningful and timeless message, especially with the growing division and unease in our current climate.

Derrick Guidry, a Santa Monica native, created Laers Apparel. Derrick was influenced by the emergence of hip hop, the reggae movement, the new wave era, beach lifestyle and the multicultural and socio-economics of the people he grew up with. Those experiences and that camaraderie with so many people from different backgrounds and cultures is what inspired him to create this clothing line. He is excited to continue to build Laers Apparel and share the message which is resonating with many!

Look good and feel good when you wear Laers Apparel.

“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.”

– Alexander Smith

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